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Our alm the "Berger Alm" hut

1.600 metres above sea level, approximately 45 minutes from our farmhouse, in the enchanting settings of a small clearing in the woods, is our alm, uniquely picturesque with its hut dating back over a century.

Our guests will have the opportunity to experience first hand the way our ancestors lived and run the alm.

StubePressknödelBergeralm in winter

In 2011 the alm was restored, and has since been open to the public. It is always a great idea to stop at the alm and enjoy typical specialities of the area in a family atmosphere.

The Berger Alm will only be open on FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY and MONDAY until 28 June 2024.

The alm can be comfortably reached by everyone from our farmhouse. The path takes by the famous Klammbach waterfall.
The alm can be reached on foot, with pram, and even by mountain bike.

Starting from the Berger Alm, it is possible to reach the Rieserferner hut (2,792 metres asl), surrounded by the famous 3000 metre peaks of the Rieserferner Group.

Taking the “Mittertaler Höhenweg” path (which starts above the Berger Alm) it is possible to continue to the “Kumpfl-Alm”, and then back to the Bergerhof farmhouse through the "Franzosensteig" path.

The Berger Alm can also be reached passing by the Schwörz Alm (also open to the public), to then continue towards the Bergerhof farmhouse.

The above mentioned "Franzosensteig" path, which runs directly by our farmhouse, can also be used to reach the Lake of Antholz, in the Rieserferner Nature Park (1.5 hour walk).

Berger alm hut

Berger alm hut