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Seasons at our farmhouse

Come and experience the nature waking up during the spring and the beginning of summer, the smell of plants, the beautiful flowery meadows, and the bird songs at sunrise. The start of the summer is particularly great to:

- Replenish yourself with new energy
- Enjoy the long days
- Go on excursions together looking for plants with healing properties
- Go for a barefoot morning walk
- Enjoy rhododendrons and gentians in full bloom
- Prepare together delicious dandelion honey

During the summer months, the high mountains and glaciers of the Antholz Valley entice you to long excursions:

- Many excursions and walks starting directly from the Bergerhof farmhouse
- Demanding walks, like the one to the Rieserferner hut, with peaks over 3000 thousand metre high, such as Magerstein, Hochgall, or Wildgall. The path to these peaks runs by the Bergerhof farmhouse
- Picturesque alms open to the public invite you to take a pleasant well-deserved break
- Many suggestions for excursions, trekking maps and books, are available in the library of our farmhouse
- Do you not like excursions? Around our farmhouse you will find many opportunities to relax. Or you can experience directly with us the daily way of life of farmers.

If you prefer your excursions peaceful, then we recommend the golden autumn of the Bergerhof farmhouse, in the beautiful Antholz Valley:

- A unique spectacle of natural colours
- Deep blue sky, golden larch woods, crystal clear mountain water
- Cattle brought down from the mountain alms
- Encounters with wild animals at the Bergerhof farmhouse: experiencing and hearing close by the rutting of stags and their antler fights
- Strengthening of the immune system with a morning Kneipp therapy treatment
- Walking through the farmhouse owned water stream

At the Bergerhof farmhouse the sun also shines in winter. Away from noise and confusion, very close to our farmhouse, families with children can:

- Have some fun times on snow shovel sledges
- Build snow men and snow caves
- Look for animal prints in the snow
- Walk on the snow amidst the unspoiled nature
- Walk on the snow covered meadows and grazing fields
- Ski on skiing tracks designed for beginners and experts (Riepenlift and Plan the Corones)
- Enjoy some biathlon and cross-country skiing for adults and children
- Have some fun times on sledge, with a reinvigorating break, at two alms open to the public

Berger alm hut

Berger alm hut